We learned history in a different way growing up and I loved it!! We did not use history books usually and when we did we did not have tests, long sheets of workbook pages etc. But we read many, many books and wrote essays and papers on what we learned. We would do it without being asked to, it was just fun to read and learn about real people in our history.

For example a lesson on Prairie Life could lead to studying a variety of subjects. I thought I would share a list of some books in some of these subjects you could read.

Little House in the Prairie series

To Heaven on Horseback By Paul Cranston

Seven Alone by Honore Morrow

Narcissa Whitman by Jeanette Whitman

The Singing Boones by Dale White

Palace WagonFamily by Margeret Sutton (Donner Party family story- better for high school readers as the Donner Party story was not a happy thing)

These are just a few you could read about pioneer life. You can also go online and read Narcissa’s diary or we ordered it through our library also.

We liked playing the Oregon Trail computer game which taught you alot about how much you had to do to survive. There are many other books you can find and read also on this subject.

We all enjoyed also studying the President’s and President’s wives. I wrote reports on many of them and learned about their real lives. There are all sorts of neat tidbits you can find out!

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  1. BaptistMommy

    Thank you for sharing your experiece in enjoying your history studies as a child…very encouraging to me as I don't plan to use textbooks for history with my children. Just good living books. : )

  2. Sarah

    I got the Sonlight catalog not too long ago and at first thought that was a strange way to do school. How can you LEARN without textbooks? But I thought about it and realized that the only history I actually REMEMBER is what I read in story books! Historical fiction or non-fiction is great. Neat to find out that I know someone who has done that:)

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