Hatteras Girl

by Alice Wisler

Reviewed by Martha Artyomenko

Jackie Donavan wants two things….an honest, wonderful man to marry and to own a certain bed and breakfast on the banks of North Carolina.  However, blind dates set up by relatives, and a lack of money stand in her way. One date after another with her trusty fisherman hat on the counter to identify her by, she wonders which one will be worse than the last.

Then she meets Davis Erickson. He is handsome, suave, and he holds the key to her dream of owning the bed and breakfast. When she is on a date with him, she wonders if this could be it.  She may soon be the owner of the bed and breakfast!!! But then some odd things are happening, people act strangely when she tells them and she finds out unusual things about his business practices. Will the truth come out before she is stuck?

My Review:

This was a cute book that was more real life type, but a little predictable.  I loved how the girls had a dream based on a childhood  memory and they sought after that dream with their whole heart.  Jackie is a good writer, yet she longs to have a home and family and run a bed and breakfast. it is funny how  the author conveys the fact that food, smells and tastes are so associated with memories and she longs for that. The search for love in all the wrong places, when sometimes it is right in front of you, even though it might not look like what you thought……

This book will make you smile and think of lemon cookies and wonder if tomato pie would really be good……-Martha

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  1. Alice J. Wisler

    Thanks for the review, Martha! Tomato Pie is good; be sure to try that, and the lemon cookies recipe in the back of the novel.

    May all your dreams come true! :-)

    ~ Alice J. Wisler
    author of Rain Song (Christy Finalist 2009), How Sweet It Is (Christy Finalist 2010) and just out–Hatteras Girl!

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