It is so amazing to me that it is 2008!  I can never forget New Year’s year 2000 and standing in the cold alone looking up at the stars and the seeing the airport light and wondering what really was going to happen.  I found it funny all the panic and of course since we lived without electricity, wondered how long it would take before we knew if anything happened! I think I was thinking more about the orange tapioca we were going to eat when I got to the house! <p> Last night was different for me than most new years, at  midnight our house was quiet. I had a feverish three year old laying on me. My nine year old was having difficulty  with chest congestion and coughing and had to go and take a hot shower after that to clear his chest up a bit.  I was thinking back to that starry night when I had one  almost 2 year old and, pregnant with my second baby, it seems so long ago and yet it was not really. <p> I have dealt with some huge issues this year in my life, it has been a good year. God blessed me with many things.

  1.  I was able to spend the year with grandma, taking care of her, before she passed away.
  2.  My husband was able to work this entire past year, he is  halfway through his second year and that is something to praise God for all the time! It was really a miracle.
  3. We have a smaller car so I can go see my mom more
  4. I have been able to feel more confidant in homeschooling this school year (now, just for keeping it up!

<p> Now, I know there are other things, but those are a few!  My biggest goal for this coming year to make myself  have some more people come over, to be more hospitable. <p> I have to start by getting my house all clean and organized, but every other month I am going to invite someone over.  It sounds simple just thinking about it, but it scares me to my bones! <p> I am feeling encouraged in the fact that I did accomplish alot of the things from last year, so I can do this too! I

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  1. Roseleona

    In my devotional book on January first it talked about two different ways we can look back at the past. One way is right, one way is wrong.
    The first way was we can look back at the past year at our failures. We can look at them and feel self-pity for ourselves because we failed.
    The other way was we can look back at the past year at how God granted us victories. We can look ahead now, assured that He will grant many more!
    However, there is a right way to look back at our failures, I suppose. We can look at them, and determine not to repeat them with God's help. 🙂
    I liked your post! It was very encouraging to me. Thankyou also for all the comments you have given me. They have been much appreciated.


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