It has been a busy week! I worked school so that I doubled up two days and we went to see Mom, go to the dentist, and help with a class mom was teaching on PPD.
I came home and today went grocery shopping and took the boys ice skating. They also had some classes today!

So, here was my groceries for this week. I was disorganized and now have to plan meals from what I bought, instead of the other way around, but I think I can!


Here is some pictures of what I bought…


I spent $51. There is a big pack of toilet paper also that is not pictured.

8 boxes of organic MOMS cereal
1 box of Uncle’s Ben’s Wild rice mix (I want to make some soup with it)
1 package tortillas
1 dozen eggs (cannot believe how expensive they are now)
Family pack beef boneless ribs (2.5 lbs)
Lunch meat: 1/2 lb Roasted turkey, 1/2 lb salami, 1/2 lb ham
Cheese for sandwiches 1 lb sliced pepper jack cheese
Potsticker dough wraps
2 large trays chicken drumsticks (probably 12-15 in each)
1 tray chicken breasts with bone like 4-5 breasts
2 Roma tomatoes
Bag of 12 oz. sliced mushrooms
Big Bag of romaine lettuce
12 oz. broccoli florets
1 lb coleslaw mix (shredded cabbage)
1 pkg. whole grain goldfish (for a treat)
1 package fresh maple link sausage

My menu for the week:
Wednesday: Leftovers
Thursday: Breakfast for dinner, whole grain pancakes and sausage with peaches- salad
Friday: Chicken Wild rice Hotdish (The Minnesota way of saying casserole) salad
Saturday: Chicken potato soup, Rolls
Sunday: Leftovers, Quick bread, popcorn
Monday- Easy 20 minutes Pizza, Salad
Tuesday: Pot Stickers, broccoli, and rice…

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  1. JoAnn

    Wow, that looks like a lot of food for such a good price. You are quite a bargain shopper.

  2. mary

    Sounds yummy

    You got a good amount for $51

  3. Andee

    Great job!! :) Where do you do your grocery shopping??

    I noticed the hotdish..looks good. I have a cookbook called ‘Minnesota Hotdish’ :) I still call them casseroles though! I’m not a native LOL.

  4. Tanya

    Looks great! You must shop at a Kroger store. Those orange discount stickers are all over most things in my fridge/pantry too! :)

  5. Jess

    That is a great haul for $51. How cheap did you get the cereal? :)

  6. Jess

    That is a great haul for $51. How cheap did you get the cereal? :)

  7. Sarah

    Great job Martha! You are such an encouragement to me! =)

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