I had to a do a bit of grocery shopping today and presents for my brother and sister. We are going to Libby for a bridal shower and their birthday was yesterday.

I went to Albertsons and got ice cream for only $1 for a half gallon! I know, it is bad for you, but that price it is a nice treat!

When I was done and they handed me my reciept, there was a little survey to do and if you do it, they give you a validation code to go back in and get a free loaf of French bread. I like doing surveys so I did it and now I have a coupon for free french bread.

I think they count on that half the people will forget to actually go get the french bread or lose it, so I have to make sure I am not one of those!

I also got a small birthday present for both my sister and brother and spent about $10 for the 2 of them. That wasn't too bad I thought! I got a book for my sister and a mini-lego set for my brother. Hopefully they like them!

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