How are you all this morning? I didn't get much sleep last night. Anthony has some sores in his mouth I believe he got from me as I had this last week. Poor thing! He cannot sleep and just cries and cries. He also has a fever! Sickness is going around, so I guess I need to dose up on the vitamin C and get him and I strong again.

I was thinking last night about the criminal on the loose, and it is so scary to me that he is out there. I guess he must not be too dangerous, but still, he could steal a car or something to try to get out of the area. So, you know me and my active imagination, I sat up peering through the windows and making sure there was no one outside looking in. Why did he have to choose Kalispell or Columbia Falls to bother, I do not know!
Between the baby and my imagination, sleep was short!

Jer 31:13* Then shall the virgin rejoice in the dance, both young men and old together: for I will turn their mourning into joy, and will comfort them, and make them rejoice from their sorrow.

i have to think about this, this morning. Often I find myself asking why to many things, and I have to remember that God is in control and He can turn me back to laughing instead of sorrow.
I get really disatisfied at times as I want to go places and do things! I feel so bad as I see my friends and family doing things and then they say “Oh, poor Martha, she just takes care of children.” I know they do not think that really always, but it feel that way to me!
Anyhow, I was sort of day dreaming this morning and dreaming that maybe as the boys get older we can earn money together and go on some trips.
Someday, maybe!
Have a good Sunday!

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  1. Nichola

    I have dealt with that same issue. I get to thinking that other people are "really" doing something and I am not, even though this is what I want to do. And thinking that that is what people are thinking is the biggest deal. But I have come to see that what they are doing is great, but it is not more important or real than what I am doing. I am teaching and showing little people how to be functional big people someday. What proffession is more important than that? The reason that our society is such a mess in many ways can be traced back to someone not doing that or doing it wrong and raising adults that are all messed up.

    Sometimes I have thought about Priscilla and her going to college. I have thought that it looks like she is doing something to admire, and people do. I do. But I have finally, I think, gotten it in my head that even if I am not admired and praised for what I am doing, it is still worth something and is very much a valid and good thing for me to do. No one else can do my job like I can. Do I get tired? Oh boy. But it is a hard proffession that I have chosen and I am working to rise to the top in it. I will become the best homemaker/mother I can so that I will be able to allow my little people to grow into the best adults that they can be.

    Something that really helped me on this: sit down and think of all the different jobs you do all day. If you were to write a job description for all that you do and then try to hire someone to do it, how much would you have to pay? In the corporate world it would probably be upwards of $100-$200 an hour. I am going to write a post on this soon.

    Love you and good job!

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