I enjoy storing food that I get for the winter! It really helps with our food budget year round.

Today we picked cherries! It was super easy to pick, we paid .75 a pound and they are beautiful cherries! I cannot believe how nice they are! They are much nicer than what you would get in the store. Since we live in a area surrounded by cherry orchards, it is so neat we were able to do this! I am planning on canning a bunch to save for winter fruit! We live in a colder region and cannot afford fruit inthe winter usually.

I also was given the opprotunity to pick raspberries for free and got 2 gallons which I froze some and we ate a bunch! I have peppers growing and pretty soon I will be making pickles! I have so much dill that my mother in law sends me, and even if I buy the pickling cucumbers, it ends up cheap for great pickles!

I wish I would have taken a picture of the cherry trees. They are almost dripping with fruit. The more cherries you buy, the cheaper they were.<p> It seems sometimes hard to spend money to save money. i sort of winced as I spent $19.50 on cherries. But you know,  when it is spread out and  helps me so I do not need to buy anything like that in the winter, it is good.  Plus, it gives us our fruit for the next week and  other bonuses.  What  vitamin are cherries high in? They are sun ripened so they have to have some good things!

Another thing is the fruit that we have gotten for free adds alot of taste to our daily diet. Today of course we had cherries which we bought, but also I have rhubarb, which was given to me, lettuce which was grown in a friends garden, huckleberries which my husband picked and the raspberries.

We already had Raspberry lemonade, I am making raspberry Rhubarb crisp, and huckleberry muffins and planning huckleberry pancakes in the morning. Besides all that, it helps keep the boys busy getting the food ready to eat. They picked through the huckleberries to get out stems, helped pick the cherries, and now are cutting rhubarb.

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  1. Lilyofthevalley4

    Oh cherries!!! They are so good!!!!! Enjoy! I'm not sure if we will get cherry picking this summer, but they are my favourite fruit. :)

  2. momtogirls5

    We pick raspberries here in Washington State. I make freezer jam with them. I always stir in a bunch of huckleberries right before I put them in the jar. It is so yummy that way!
    I'd love to can cherries. Do you take the pit out?

  3. loefflermom

    sounds scrumptious! Good work getting canning done.

    I miss the easy access we had to peaches, pears and apples and other produce that we had in Moses Lake. The only fruit I have really seen around here are the flathead cherries.


  4. cappuccinosmom

    Sounds like a lot of fun. I don't actually like cherries, but I would have gone picking just for the fun of it.

    Someday I would like to live in an area where we can do that more. We can't grow anything in our backyard. One year I got apples from a lady on freecycle, and made delicious applesauce, but otherwise, it's hard to find cheap fruit.

  5. drewsfamilytx

    You are so good to use what you pick!

    We picked tons of blueberries in May but I didn't have the oomph left to do anything with them… other than to freeze them. Maybe we'll have muffins in the morning… and blueberry ice cream after lunch. It has been SO hot here this week!

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