I have done one of these in a long time!! i was trying to think about what topic to post on and it is hard because sometimes it seems there are only so many frugal topics! <p> Anyhow, I just decided to post on living frugally in general! <p> I know there are people who can sit down and say there is just no way you can live on and put in whatever amount they come up with. Someone said this today  about $1000 a month and I could see what they were talking about as they had debt besides a  house payment.  <p> However, I think there are ways to live  and do things you like to do, you do not have to just eat beans all the time and you can be happy this way! <p> How? I think alot of it is attitude. If you have a attitude of thankfulness for what you have and are not constantly upset over what you cannot have, it makes  a huge difference in your life. <p> Some specifics: Sewing, I know some people sew their own clothes because they enjoy it, but other people like me end up sewing because it is cheaper. I have heard some people say things about the cost of fabric  is just as much as buying already made clothes and sometimes it is! i have had good finds though watching sales at JoAnn Fabrics and sometimes they mark their markdowns 50% off and you can find some nice fabrics in there!  Notions: about 8 years ago a small store was going out of business that sold zippers and thread and sold them really cheap. I still have alot of them left! I have to use a good quality thread, at least cotton covered thread for my machine, so I look for sales or use my 40% off coupon at JoAnn’s. Another good source is Home Sew
They sell bulk bags of buttons, ribbon, trims etc for very cheaply! if you join their email newsletter or request a catalog they have coupons as well. <p> Cooking frugally can mean simply eating simple food or less of something.  We are not a huge meat family, but we do eat meat, but I cannot remember the last time we ate a roast.  Soups,  whole grain breads, vegetables like cabbage, carrots and celery  and leafy lettuce are mainstays of our diet.   The soup I am making tonight is a expensive soup of sorts and not normal for us, but i happened to  have the stuff on hand! <p>
<p> Shopping: Never buy anything full price, clothes, food, etc. Eventually almost everything goes on sale or clearance and if it doesn’t, I usually decide I didn’t need it that bad! Right now, JC Penny has most winter stuff 70-80% off, later they mark things so low, you cannot beat it, even in the thrift store. My husband saw a really nice winter coat there yesterday for $7, where at the local Salvation Army they were charging what a coat would cost new….something was wrong with that!  Check online sales as well!
<p> Anyhow, that is just some ways we are frugal!

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  1. Anonymous

    I enjoyed your thoughts! I almost never buy anything at full price either :)

    And years ago, I worked in a fabric store where I got a 30% discount, and was quite ahead on all the various sales etc. I stocked up with all of my "disposable income" and I still have fabric, nearly a decade later, that is making its way into gifts and clothes for myself and family/friends!

    Blessings, Mrs. Taft

  2. Anonymous

    Hi, I'm Mom2fur, and my blog is sortafrugal.blogspot.com. You are so right about having a good attitude, and thinking of what you have as opposed to what you can't have. A funny thing happens when you do that…in time, the 'can't haves' turn into 'I could really care less if I have its.' I know that's true for me! I stew sometimes about my debt, esp. at 2 a.m., but then I think about how smart I've gotten financially, and how much fun it is to save. That's another thing you are so right about–eventually, everything goes on sale!
    I love to sew, too. I do it as much for enjoyment as to save money. I joined a group called Sewing Mamas on line. Often, the women there sell fabric they don't want any more for pennies on the dollar. I've gotten some great buys!

  3. Melinda

    I really like what you said about frugality being a lot about attitude. I think this is so true. It isn't about doing wthout, but abour doing the most you can with what you have.


  4. stillearning

    Can I ask you what you use for broth in your soups? I make soup at least 1-2x a week on average but I don't like using bullion because of all of the additives and MSG. So if I buy a can of chix broth it's sort of expensive. Maybe the cubes aren't a problem for your family though. I also make chix broth from a whole chicken but that's also expensive.

    Great ideas though. We definitely use the thrift store for as many things as we can!

    God Bless, Pam

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