It can be hard with book prices rising to find a good curriculum when there are these wonderful programs that sound wonderful. <p> I do not want to cheat the children out of a good education, but yet, I cringe at the thought of paying  even $200 per child, per year. <p> So,  I have found you make things work for you! <p> One thing if you order directly from the publisher, like Pathway especially, you can get stuff really cheap. Miller’s Home school books (which is difficult to find their address) also sells  school books for cheap that are  quite good ones. <p> This spring when Pathway had their yearly sale, I bought a bunch of the books, the workbooks were $1.20 each, the readers were about $3-$5. I bought a lovely art curriculum from them also, for a couple dollars!  It is wonderful! For  the first time my sons are enjoying  coloring!  I know that sounds ridiculous, but they really have not before now!  The other thing about them is if you order over $25, shipping is free with pre-payment. Even if you do not order that much, shipping is like $3. <p> Christian Liberty also has some really cheap workbooks that work fairly well!  I am using several of theirs this year again.  <p> I like alot of hands- on things even with workbooks, so  I am using the many resources I have to  make  my own.  I  did splurge  or need Math-U-See for one of my sons,  but before I have used BJU math because  I had the Teacher Editions and so I did not have all the other stuff, so I made my own.  We used wooden apples in math for counters and other things to help my son  learn subtraction.   We are starting Math-U-See this coming Monday, so I am hoping it goes well.  <p> Anyhow,  our budget was well under the normal, but since we have alot of other books around the house, I am using them for some of the other subjects.

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