Well, we have been doing alot of cheap dinners lately. This month is sort of a survival month because of extra expenses last month with the shed, brakes, and other things like I said in other posts, but it is fun to try  to make different foods that taste good with what I have! <p>
We are not huge meat eaters so that really helps us when we  are eating cheaply.  Sometimes the boys enjoy  some meat, but  when we have had steak, they take a bite or 2 and sort of leave it. They do like chicken alot, so we do eat chicken!  I try at least 2-3 nights a week to have meatless or low meat dinners. <p> Tonight we had pasta, homemade spaghetti sauce, homemade Tomato-garlic-basil foccacia  bread and acorn squash.  <p> The pasta  was cheap, I think I got it on sale for .50-60 cents, the sauce was $3 for the whole pot, so like .50 and the bread was less than .20. The tomato was from my garden!  There was one pound of meat in the entire pot, so not much in the pot, but a little anyhow!<p> Last night was baked potatoes, topped with sour cream and cheese, applesauce and was going to be squash, but the incident happened and the trip to the ER ensued! It cot about $1.80 for the whole dinner and we were all really full! <p> I know it is alot of carbs, but  potatoes were cheap and they are whole foods. The applesauce was unsweetened and  I got a huge thing of it for $1 and we only ate half. <p> What are your favorite cheap meals?

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  1. pbrfans1

    Soup is usually my favorite cheap meal. We usually have all the stuff on hand and I just throw whatever veggies in a pot and add some meat or chicken bones and there's a healthy inexpensive meal! I made a whole pot that fed us 3 meals for only $1.50.

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