Leaving Yesterday
By Kathryn Cushman

Reviewed by Martha Artyomenko

The police car triggers Alisa Stwart’s worst fear- her son Kurt is dead, his life is lost forever to addiction. Instead the officer has  different message for her. He is following a lead on a crime. Murder.
When Kurt calls to say he checked himself into rehab, Alisa suddenly feels joyful about her son for the first time in years. There is no way he could have committed murder!!!
But then the cop returns and is asking more questions about people Kurt once knew and Alisa is terrified. His old life seems to keep resurfacing and she wants to protect him from it.  How far will she go to protect her son?

My Review:

Alisa Stewart is a mother, a writer, a gifted church speaker.  She has taken the things that have made her life hard and turned them into good, the perfect story of turning trials into gold. But when the police officer showed up at her door, her heart just about quit. Her son Kurt  has made bad choices and she is just sure he is going to be dead one of these times. When the police surprise her that they are not notifying her of his death, the relief quickly turns to  fear for her son when they need to talk to him. As this story progresses, you become  engrossed in the story of this mother’s love for her son who is not making good choices and is possibly a murder suspect.  You feel her joy as she sees him making good choices and agonize with her over each new development.
This book is skillfully written and was one of those books where you knew what the right thing for the character to do and I found myself talking to Alisa more than once!!   This book will for sure challenge your thought processes on how far will you let love go and when is it more loving to let  someone learn on their own without stepping in and making more messes for others in your family. 
I highly recommend this novel to encourage you and think deeply as it is for sure a deep thinking inspirational fiction novel. The writing is excellent and will draw you into their lives to feel the pain of a mother and maybe understand why people make choices for love, even when they know better. – Martha

(This book was provided by Bethany House Publishers for review)

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