Biblical Womanhood  sponsors Frugal Friday every week and I thought this week I would share about how often we have to spend money to save money in the long run. <p> I have found this when it comes to utensils in the kitchen. It does not  mean you have to spend alot either sometimes, but i have gone to the Resteraunt supply store and gotten stainless steel  servings spoons for  under $2 that last and last! I use them for  most of my cooking, stainless steel is nice as it does not hold odors and bacteria. I do not like plastic as  the cheap ones taste funny and I am sure are putting all kinds of toxins in your food. They make them really long too, so if you were looking for something to stir that huge pot of sauce you make or soup, this is the answer. If you ever make cheese too, they are perfect! <p> i don’t know about your house, but mine spoons disappear all the time!  We eat alot of soup so spoons are the most used silverware in our house.  At the same store I bought a dozen spoons for  a couple dollars. You can get all kinds of quality of them so the cost depends on that! Most of the things you buy there really last, I  will be married for 10 years this next week and alot of the stuff I got then  is still very nice! <p> If you do not have one close by you there is a mail order company that carries much of the same stuff. They sell everything  from Stainless steel Vollrath pans to  Hosiery  and everything in between. The catalog is fun to look through! Phone # is 330-695-2344 A.C Sales  Company.  <p> Have you ever looked for oilcloth tablecloth? It is really nice, they sell it also, by the yard. It is like the vinyl tablecloth without the fleece backs. They do not slide and last for a long time. They hold up well and cost about $2.89 a yard.  This catalog could save you a trip to Walmart!

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  1. eclecticeducation

    After going through several ice cream scoops, I finally found a good one at a resteraunt supply store. It has lasted well. If we get another one, that is where we will go!

  2. Devildogwife

    I can't use stainless as I have non-stick pans, but I love the idea of the restaurant supply store. I've heard about them, but I've never actually gone to one. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Tammy L

    I love stainless steel! Do they sell stainless steel bakeware, as well? :)

  4. Anonymous

    Hello Martha,

    I've been sending you emails about the blog tour for her new book. Have you been getting them? I think I might have the wrong email for you.

    Today is the day that I had you scheduled for a post/review of A Valley of Betryal. Did you get your book yet?

    p.s. this is amy lathrop, Tricia's assistant. :)

  5. Martha

    Yes, they have stainless steel bakeware also.

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