I have been thinking alot about new moms and the things they need to know and just trying to learn what is the best way to tell them stuff.

You know, I do not want to come across as pushy or negative, but then in some instances you wonder if you should have pushed more.

I got so tired those first couple months as my son was very colicky. I remember my SIL saying, “Give him until he is three months old and it will be so much better.” I thought I would die before he was three months old! But you know, looking back she was the only one who gave me much hope! She said she had been there, she knew it was hard and it does get better with time. Is that best advice?

What was your best piece of advice someone gave you?

Also on breastfeeding, I am real staunch breastfeeder. I mean I understand totally there are people that cannot breastfeed and have trouble with it, but I do not believe it is as high of a precentage as it is preceived. I have seen friends who truly have trouble breastfeeding and some people who really just do not want to do the work of it. So, how do you deal with that? How do you help someone without them just ignoring what you say because “She is a fanatic breastfeeder!” ?

What about freezer meals? Did you like having meals in the freezer when you had your first baby or was it not needed?

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  1. Sandlappersue

    to remember that about the third day postpartum can be really hormonal and weepy and everything’s going to be okay.
    Also, that breastfeeding is something that the majority can do and to give it a fair try. Also, if it hurts it’s not being done right and if they are already at the point of bleeding and scabby to remember that the first two weeks are the hardest. Use lanolin and pump a bit for a break if needed to heal some. It’s good to read books on breastfeeding all that they can and to even have one handy once having baby.

    As far as food, yes, prefrozen meals are great and also crockpot meals… easy meals like sloppy joes and soups work well too.

  2. amandasangels

    I usually tell anyone who asks me about breastfeeding that in my opinion it is so much more convenient. I didn’t have to fool with washing and sterilizing bottles and mixing formula. I didn’t have to get up and heat a bottle at night. I didn’t have to pack bottles of formula and worry about keeping them cool so as not to spoil and then worry about how to warm them once you are away from home. I absolutely loved it and wouldn’t have it any other way. Plus the added bonus of being better for my babies.

  3. cappuccinosmom

    I like that 3 month rule. Asrat was definately happier after his first 3 miserable months.

    When I talk to women about breastfeeding, I remind them that though it’s difficult to get started sometimes, in the long run it is *vastly* easier than bottlefeeding. No muss, no fuss, no stumbling through a dark kitchen at 2 am.:) If I had no other reasons to breastfeed (though I do have many) I’d do it purely out of laziness!

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