I love this time of year! I have so much to do though and here I sit as I am tired out! We had quite a nice weekend, but I raced around Sat. morning and then drove up to see my mom. It was her birthday and we had a really, really nice time. I stopped at the Amish store and found out I need to get on ordering a bunch of books, price them and shelve them this month!  She gave me the sales for the last few months and it was alot of money!  <p> We had to go check up on a patient of mom’s so we went to town and mom took me to a little Mexican  place that opened that is fairly authentic, somewhat of a rarity up here! The couple that run it  are Mexican and the food was  really good.  Mom was really afraid that one of her overdue moms would have the baby  when everyone was there to celebrate her birthday, but God worked it out  and mom got no sleep, but one of them had their baby at 9:30 am, so she was free in time!
<p> We made a nice roast beef and pork, mashed potatoes, green beans, salad that was really good and a chocolate chip chiffon cake.  We visited, gave her her presents and just a had a great time. <p> I had to get up early this morning to make a coffee cake for MOPS and made a huckleberry coffee cake which was really good and some muffins that were dairy free as one mom cannot have dairy at all.  The other mom made these really good crepe rolls ups that were so different, but tasted wonderful!  We had a good morning. We had a speaker who came and spoke on Joy in mothering, how  there are different times in our mothering and not all is joyful, but how to have joy in each of those things. It was really good! Then we did a fun relay sort of race with our adventure teams which was really fun! Our team lost, but it was still fun!

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  1. gmisch

    We are using Rosetta Stone to learn Russian. The kids (especially Ben and Aaron) are doing REALLY well in it. I haven't kept up at all!!

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