I do not know what to title this post, so I guess I will write and then see what I think of first!

It has been a really nice quiet weekend. It was cold, but I was blessed with being able to find coats for both the boys who needed them. One was free and the other was $6.74 used, but a good brand so it was worth it! It was in really good shape and a Columbia winter coat. We also got some baking done! Apple crisp, pumpkin bread with broccoli soup!

Today was another fall dinner, roast chicken, roasted root vegetables and some zucchini, and baked apples. I am bringing someone dinner tomorrow and decided to make a large pot of soup with the chicken broth and the extra roasted vegetables I made on purpose. It is simmering right now and it smells good! I will make some rolls to go with it and probably an apple crisp or some easy apple dessert! It will be easy and simple.

There are leaves all over the yard! I should take a picture of all the black bags lined up though of ones already picked up! It is amazing how many are generated from one tree, pretty much!

I am still plugging away with the boys book. I read this morning though instead of tonight!

I really love this time of year and hope that this winter goes slower! I was thinking about what a good year this has been. I never like my birthday to come around, but this has been a good year. I have at least more than a month yet before I am too ancient….

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  1. drewsfamilytx

    Mmm… your dinners sound scrumptious! Much better than my current state of frozen and microwaveable. *sigh* But I should have a finished kitchen in two days (but I'm guessing it'll be at least 5)… either way, the end is near and my semi-normal life will be back soon.

    I'm going to go to bed now and I will try to not think about your pumpkin bread. I love all things pumpkin… yumm-o!

    Hope you have a great week, Martha. Oh and great deal on the coats– what a blessing!


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