Did I ever mention how I dislike driving? Yet, yesterday, I drove 2.5 hours to a nearby town and today, I drove back. It is also one of the most dangerous roads….I decided while statistics say that is due to drunk driving and deer related accidents, which I am sure it is, I think it may also be from sheer frustration of cars that slow down, speed up, and go slow in 70 MPH zones and also, just boredom….

Okay, okay….so maybe a little too far! Anyhow, I got to this said larger town and  went to a couple stores….a bookstore for one  and after one other store, realized, you know, I really hate shopping. I did stop to  look at my map and realized I was in front of the  the prettiest thrift store I have ever seen. It was beautiful!  It was a church one too and just lovely. There was the cutest curtains in the windows, that i wish I was talented enough to copy!

I then set out  after checking into a hostel, yes, that is hostel, not hotel…..to find some food. I wanted to try Thai as my family is not a fan. I went to one and it had a 25 minute wait….I then tried another one….navigating around the people in Day of the Dead costumes in the dark….not a terribly pretty sight….and ended up a tiny place with a friendly waitress.  The food was a bit too greasy, but it filled me up and there was lots of warm tea. I then went and wasted some more time and went into the empty hostel.

It was just me there, but in the middle of the night someone popped in for about an hour and half….not in my room, but outside in the living room, who was a bit noisy.. It was interesting to say the least….I learned….hostels are nice, but I would do it with  a companion next time.

I then with many, many butterflies in my tummy….headed to the hotel. Everything went pretty smooth, I only made one mistake and it was minor..I think..i even told everyone where the bathrooms were and the speaker’s name and did not pass out or anything. And I just pretended I was not ready to pass out from speaking in a microphone. We learned all about Gestational diabetes….and that was very interesting. I have lots and lots of info crammed in my head now! So, I had better get a mom with GD so I can help her now!  Just kidding!!!

Driving home after speaking to a very accented Fed-Ex agent about picking up the box….I was done. The drive home went faster and I am home with my boys, whom my absolutely wonderful sister taught school to today!!! I think she is happy to have just her 2 though…..

Now, I have a huge stack of books to read, lots of school to teach and plan…and plan  on not going crazy with P. basketball  schedule. What was I thinking saying yes to signing up for that?

Now, I have to figure out how to make or buy Pad Thai that tastes good and doesn’t make examine it in suspicion…. Also, finish decorating my son’s room. My husband has been busy painting while I was gone and it is turning out nicely. I think maybe we will go to JoAnn’s tomorrow, we will see if we have time. Also, a through housecleaning is also in order.

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  1. Maria

    Martha where do you get your statistics? Actually that hwy is very safe because they have set up fences and underpasses for wild life to cross so the number of deer related accidents and hitting wildlife is very low. You should research it some more. Altho I do agree it is boring and the traffic is frustrating I would challenge you to re-research your statistics.

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