Today we made dried apple wreaths at MOPS. I used a idea from a  website here.
We used straw wreaths and I had alot of dried  apples that were over dried and not edible. They turned out very different and really pretty! I will have to try to hang mine and take a picture of it! We tied cinnamon sticks to it also to decorate them and so it smells nice.
It was a good way to use up these apples that someone gave me already dried and not waste them <p>
Tonight we are going to have scalloped potatoes for dinner! I have never really liked mine, but am going to work to see if I can make some that  we all like. I had a friend who made the most wonderful scalloped potatoes, but I think she used american cheese in them and i never buy it.
<p> My Usborne book party went over well, it was hard for me to  not stress about having people over, but it went well and was fun.  I ended up with quite a few  books in the end!

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  1. Grace

    We make scalloped potatoes often and really enjoy them. I always thought they took special ingredients, but they are actually very simple to make.

    I use a glass casserole dish that nicely holds 8 cups water (just went to measure it so I was telling you the truth.)
    I thinly slice potatoes, enough to fill the dish. I often leave the skins on the potatoes. I also dice an onion and sprinkle over the top. To the casserole, I add 1 1/2 cups milk and sprinkle with salt. I bake this 1 1/4 hours. It's delicious.

    My milk is 1% – and I skip the "dot with butter" instructions, since my dh is on an "avoid fat diet."

    I hope this helps. I often make this dish on Sundays – have it in the oven while we are at church. I try to get a meat in the oven too, something to roast, so that most of dinner is made by time we get home.


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