you can have too many cookbooks? I bought a huge stack of cookbooks the other day at that booksale and decided I cannot keep them, but must sell them! I am afraid though, what if only the one I think I might like sell and the other ones don't?

I am sort of a cookbook or maybe, book addict. I am always adding more and more books to my collection and do I have time to read them all? No!

I realized that one of the books I own may be more of a collectors item than I thought. I have this old copy of Anne's house of Dreams First edition. I found one copy that sold for over $48! Mine is in good shape too. I am nervous about selling books that are worth something though as I am afraid I will sell it for too cheap.

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  1. gmisch

    I know what you mean about being afraid of selling something too cheap. I feel the same way. I am a total book addict too. I was just thinking that I need to go through and purge a lot of the kids book before we move. They have SO many!

    My mom purged her cookbooks a few years ago, and sent them all to me, but I sold a few at garage sales, and gave the rest to the Salvation Army. Hopefully there weren’t any valuable ones in there! Right now, I just have a few that I use all the time in my kitchen, and others that I use occasionally in the bookcase in my bedroom. Not enough room in my kitchen.

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