Well, I was not so great with my camera this weekend! I took no pictures!!!

Can you believe it? I guessI decided that everyone else was snapping pictures so there should be plenty to go around! I wish I had gotten some of us making raviolis though as it was a very nice time we had.

We all toook turns turning the handle to roll the dough and flling the raviolis. They turned out really good this year and tasted wonderful! I amde a really pretty antipasti tray with all sorts of cheese, meat, and olive, artichoke hearts, little pickles, banana peppers and others.

The punch turned out great- with minimal cranberry sauce chunks in it as I blended it well this year. We did have a bit of excitement when as dinner finished and Moriah's MIL started to have a heart attack. We all ended our day spending time in a quiet waiting room of the hospital. It was so nice and quiet we didn't want to go home!

That is pretty bad when you have to go to the hospital waiting room to relax!

Sandy is okay, but just got released from the hospital yesterday afternoon.

The highlight of the year was a present to Mom and Dad from Joe and Moriah. They gave them a washer and dryer set, which was badly needed!! (Their dryer was 17 years old) Mom was so excited she was lamenting that she had so little laundry to do!

Anyhow, I am very happy to be home and am trying catch up on things around the house!

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