It seems like lately that I get to the end of the day and it is so hard because I know tomorrow is the same thing again! I am so tired! I just feel a little worn down and have not had much energy to even be on the computer, but just have to finction. I think it is because the boys energy levels have been extremally high the last few days and every time I turn around, I have to quick turn all the way around because otherwise they will be doing something like:

Putting mustard on the piece of flannel I bought for a craft

-Balancing on the top of the microwave

Sneaking peanut butter into odd places, like the bathroom, bedroom etc. and I could go on and on, but then what would you think of me?

It is mostly the youngest 2, because I am keeping the other ones busy all day with school and other activities. My oldest has been crocheting. Yes, I know, it is not the most manly thing to do, but you know, he will sit for hours doing it? Listening to a tape and crocheting…..I am happy with it!

We are doing some co-op classes twice a month and last week was embroidery and sewing. Next time is a science class. The first one we did was making pizza for lunch! They really enjoyed that one!

Anyhow, I have been wanting to get into a better exercise routine. I do one at night before I go to bed, but it is hard for me to do it all with interuptions. It would be nice to have a walking machine or bicycle to just mindlessly exercise, but then I guess I would miss vital parts.

I have more ripe tomatoes to deal with. I am thinking of making more salsa and actually canning it this time. What do you think? You think I feel up to it? No……and just thinking about the holidays makes me feel so much more tired. Oh, my!

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