I  checked this book out at the library. I am not a OAMC person, but I really enjoyed this book because of the first part of the book before the recipes. <p> She  goes through each utensil in the kitchen and tools we use to cook and explain why we need them or why we do not. She talks about how to save money on them, and where not to save money.  <p>One of the things I found really interesting was she was talking about how she calls grocery stores and gets bids for meat.   I have never done this yet, but I am interested in trying that.  She says if they say the price is what it is out on the counter, to thank them and try the next store. I found this out when I was cooking for a camp. I asked one store to give me a discount on  produce I was buying and they marked all the watermelon and cantaloupe down  for me.  I think I bought 5 each.  Often if you are buying in  bulk you are saving them money  by this as they know  they will sell it. <p> I know my mom used to ask at our regular grocery store  all the time if they would give her a deal if she bought so many of something. Often they did! <p> Anyhow, even if you have no interest in bulk cooking, I do not really, I don’t own a big freezer, you will enjoy reading this book!

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  1. Nichola

    That sounds like a good book! I am going to look for it.

  2. workinprogress

    for the review… I'm going to check my library and see if they have it.

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