A Valley of Betrayal <p>
By Tricia Goyer

(The Chronicles of the Spanish Civil War)<p>
Young and  excited  and a bit naive, we meet Sophie in the beginning of this book. She  is so in love and excited to  be married and carrying a beautiful blue dress for her wedding.  She ends up finding herself  without her luggage (having to leave it behind) in the middle of war zones, posing as a reporter in order to
get to her dear Michael. <p>  There is always a hint of mystery through the book that makes you wonder about the different characters as to whether they are good or bad or can they be both? <p>
I have never read about this time period in history, and because I love history,  it caught my attention and made me both horrified  by the tragedy of war and interested to find out in what way the characters fit in. <p> War is horrible. This book clearly can make you see the horror of that. <p>There are many characters in the book besides our main ones, that you find yourself empathizing with them all.  There is  African American man who comes from  Chicago to fight,  a young man and his friend Phillip- Phillip’s friend seems to think it all a game and tragically discovers how that was not true. The  young Nazi pilot, the journalist, the priest, young Maria and many others besides Sophie and Michael will capture your hearts and attention to  discover a new part of history you probably have not read about.  <p> Tricia Goyer has a way of putting onto paper words that tug at your heart like a excellent artist would with a painting!  This is not your normal novel, it is a historical account of  people’s lives and fight for survival during wartime that not  just the people of Spain experienced, but Americans as well. <p> Since it is set in a war zone, there is the talk of bombs,  the severely injured and dying men, women and children so it is probably not a book for younger readers.  There is some romance and talk of a young woman getting pregnant when they were not married also, but this is for sure not the focus of the book, it is more real life  kind of romance.  <p> One thing that struck me was  Sophie’s blue dress which she carries all over with her, she eventually tears it up to use for bandages  to save people’s lives. it showed me  how  something that can be so important to you, can  simply fade in comparision in some cases!<p>
The book is available to purchase at most of your local Christian bookstores and also online at  Amazon<p>
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