I have a couple of books to give away!!!

To Love and To Cherish by Kelly Irvin
(Click on title for review link)


The Eternal Messiah by WR Pursche (Click on title for link to review)


If you would like to enter…..tell me what type of genre of book you prefer not to read?

For me, I prefer to avoid fantasy books or speculative fiction, although I have read a couple I have enjoyed! I also find it is rare that I find an Amish fiction book that I enjoy as well! What types are the ones you avoid?
Make sure to leave your email address so I have a way to contact you if you enter!

I am giving away this book of my own accord. I am under no obligation to anyone if they do not follow my guidelines! = )

This giveaway ends February 28, 2012

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  1. Lynne Young

    I stay away from horror and science fiction. They just don’t appeal to me. I do enjoy a good mystery every now and then but my favorite genre is christian fiction, closely followed by historical fiction. Hope I win To Love And To Cherish!

    Lynne Young

  2. karenk

    i don’t care for ‘vampire stories’

  3. Kelly Z

    I stay away from scary books, vampire books and try not to read too many Christian romance books.

    1. Martyomenko

      The word “Vampire” gives me chills….so I am with you on that!

  4. Michelle Durben

    I am partial to Amish fiction books, my blog is all things Amish! I really cannot read horror books. To creepy! I would love to win Kelly’s book:) It sounds great!

  5. Sharon Moore

    I prefer not to read Amish. But I do love a good speculative/sci fi book.

  6. Sharon Moore

    I usually do not read Amish books, not my genre. But love a good speculative/sci fi book.

  7. Ingrid Stukey

    I love to read Amish fiction, I don’t like Vampire, Mysteries anything with Murder isn’t my cup of tea.
    Thanks for the Giveaway.

  8. Robin

    I prefer not to read vampire or horror books.

  9. lydia wells

    I read about any book I can get my hands on , but love the Amish books! just found this site . will enjoy the reading . thank you

  10. Barb K.

    I don’t like horror novels or any type of sports books kind of dull.

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