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(Myself and writer friends at a recent writing conference)
What am I working on?
At the moment, I am working on a pregnancy book. I want it to be a visit over tea with a friend, who will tell you the why behind the mysteries of pregnancy. I found that so often many care providers will throw out statements without explaining them. The client goes home and seeks out the internet or a pregnancy book. The pregnancy books will say “If this happens….call your doctor.” The internet says “This is a very scary thing and look at the statistics of all the pregnant women that died or their babies had such and such happen to them.” or it says “It happened to my friend and it was no big deal.” I am seeking to give concise advice for the busy mother or non-reader, in layman terms that will be checked and gone over by medical professionals, in order to hopefully give you accurate info on those topics you are wondering about.
How does my work differ from others in it’s genre?
My fiction deals with not your normal “Boy meets Girl, fall in love, live happily ever after.” My fiction, I want to address more the questions we might have as someone that has been burned by love. I want to talk about cult groups as well, and deal with issues. However, that is tough to write and to sell, so we will see if anyone ever gets to read it! =) I write about pregnancy, as education is my passion. Education for pregnant women is my top priority.
I gave birth to my first two children without any medical support or prenatal care by any professional. That means, yes, I attempted to perform my own prenatal care for the most part. It did not go so well. I wanted to educate myself and went to the library and checked out every pregnancy book they owned. (Yes, I really did.) I read all of them and was so frustrated when I wanted to know why if you see spots and get dizzy, they want you to go to the doctor right away. I wanted to be in control of my pregnancy, which was why I chose not to go with a medical care provider. I learned the lesson the hard way, and highly recommend education instead of unassisted birth if you want to be in control of your pregnancy. My book will differ from what is out there, in it’s way it is written, in more of a conversational style, than medical as well as being short, but full of information.
Why do I write what I do?
I write an assortment of things. I love writing fiction, and especially women’s fiction as when I was struggling through some very different life circumstances, it really was what pulled me up and helped me to look above what I was going through. I really hope that someday others would be able to read the stories I have written and that God can use them in their lives as well. I write non-fiction about pregnancy right now, and I hope that it educates, informs and makes people laugh, while actually getting the info they need.
How does your writing process work?
For me, I have to work on discipline. I found that I have to have an idea that really grabs me at the beginning, and then in order to run with it, I have to lay it out, act it out or even talk it out. This happens sometimes out loud or in my head and looks pretty weird. Writers, I have found, though, are usually those people that don’t mind being called “weird”, “geek” or other titles that normally would bother a person. When I was younger, I used to make stories in my head, and work them out as I did chores, milked the cow,  or other things around the house. It was better if the house was empty!
The same hold true for me now! I love an empty, quiet house to write in. But as Joy mentioned, I have four, very busy boys….so quiet and empty does not describe my house at all! I have to often take snippets where I find it and work on writing every day. Lately, it has been at play practice!
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