I ended up babysitting again today, which was fine. It went smoothly and it was a nice day out.  With seven children in the house, that is a good thing!  I ended up making Broccoli and chicken stir fry with rice and then beef, broccoli and carrots with whole wheat pasta, which was the favorite. P. made chicken sandwiches for lunch and got out too many chicken breasts and cooked them.  T. then decided to pour orange juice over them, so they got marinated a bit in orange juice. They were fine though, especially in with the broccoli.
<p> I bought some protein powder so  I  can make my husband some protein shakes to drink as he lost all the weight he wanted and is having trouble stopping losing weight. It is hard to get out the weight losing mind set, I guess! <p> A friend and I decided to start and informal book club, we are reading a book a week, or every two weeks and discussing them. This week I am reading Finding the Invisible God by Phillip Yancey. He is speaking about the times in our lives where we have those severe trials, illness, pain, suffering and the history of Christianity is not really promise a wonderful life, yet we in our churches sing songs about it…yet people lose faith in God because  their prayers are not answered like they wanted. It may be healing, it may be something else, but often we see people who lose faith and fall away because of pain. Yet, in stopping and looking back over history he points out how many people suffered. The heroes of faith in the bible, some of them waited years or never saw answers to their prayers and that is why it was called faith. Anyhow, it is so different reading this book and it is so encouraging. <p>
So, now my extra children have gone home, we have gotten some old movies from the library "I remember Mama’ and "I love Lucy" to watch so we are having a nice peaceful evening!  dinner is partially cleaned up, but i thought I would wait a bit as they will probably come and eat the rest soon.

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