down at my computer after a long hard day, I absent mindly scratched my ear.

What was this? Real dirt? Yes, I have for sure been working today hard!

And in that I have a story to tell!

The day started slowly enough, I drove home from work at about 8:30 this morning with Paul and Tony, intending to take a shower, before soccer. But we never got that far, I cooked breakfast, changed, finally got the pictures on here and other things, and then it was time to head to soccer.

During the hour break between Paul and Hans soccer games I went to Maria's, picked up Kendra and Lynette to watch the game, drove around by our house to pick up Paul's shin guards he forgot, headed back to soccer to watch him play.

I then took Kendra and Lynette home, stopping to fix them lunch as Maria was still sleeping (she works nights). I went home, picked up Fred and a whole lots of cleaning supplies and out we went to tackle the mud at June and Terry's new house.

You see they picked up the whole house and moved it, so things got really dusty inside when they did this. Combine that with mud outside and so when people went through the house to work they left lots of dirt. They are bringing furniture this week so we didn't want them to set that down on top of all of it so we swept and washed floors today.

Anyhow, how did I get dirt in my ear? Uncle Terry asked me to check if there was a beam under the house they were supposed to put in. So, I looked in the hole and noticed the ladder was no longer there, but let myself under there (It is almost 5 feet deep). When I finished my work I went to get back out and discovered I could not pull myself up like I thought. I couldn't get high enough as only the top of my head stuck out, oh and Fred, not knowing I was down there pu the cover on so it was dark and I had to pound it off! The boys all surrounded me and were trying to help pull me out, Anthony was straining to help and was so cute and worried!

In the effort to try to pull myself out I splattered dirt all over my head, in my ears and hair. Fred came and it seemed like just effortlessly lifted me out of the hole and we went on cleaning. Serves me right for not thinking of how to get out of the hole and just hopping in!

I really enjoy looking at houses and discovering how much they are worth, the best designs, areas and all. I would really like to get into some more real estate. Someday maybe!

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  1. Lilyofthevalley4

    Yay!!! I can comment again! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sounds like a busy day! Not sure I would have jump down into the basment though. ๐Ÿ™‚

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