I know it seems like I am repeating myself a lot, but it really is another lovely day! This has been the nicest fall! <p> This morning  I got a phone call from some old friends who wanted to stop by for a few minutes, we visited for awhile. It was nice  to  see them, they only have one child at home still, but seem to be doing well. It gave me a good reason to get our house all clean and scrub the bathroom down again! <p> Today we have a birthday party to go to, I had people coming to pick up books and could not remember everything to do for some reason. We have not done all our school today, yet getting side railed by house cleaning, but P. has been listening to Pilgrims Progress all morning and asking alot of questions as well as he listened to a whole thing on Louis Pastuer! So, that is some school, history and bible lessons anyhow! <p> We will finish our math and reading later on! <p>
Last night we were able to go to a little going away party for one of F. bosses at work, I had no idea what to expect, they met  for supper and they were the sweetest bunch of people. Most of them are older, retired, sweet people who drive the school buses and the stories they had to tell! Oh, my! The one lady sitting next to me, praised me for homeschooling as she said "If you see what they do on those buses and the habits they learn…." The homeschoolers she said she knew from an art school she taught, did not have the learned habits she saw in the school children who rode her buses. <p> It was a fun evening, with lots of laughing! They were teasing my husband as he is quiet as well, but went on praising him and his work and what a fine job he does. It made me feel really good! <p> The pastor preached on a chapter about Saul and the Amalekites this past Sunday and I  forgot my bible so wondered why he missed a portion that said what  Amalek did. I was bewildered when I went to find it and could not find the passage, at least I knew it was my faulty memory and not the pastor missing something. I could not get it out of my mind as i knew I had read it. So, off i went searching, when finally this morning I solved the puzzle! It was not my faulty memory or the pastor! It was in a different spot, Moses is talking to Joshua in Deut. about the incident and he talks about how they they killed the old and feeble ones who trailed behind and that was why it was so horrible and why they had to wipe them out.  Anyhow, it was a good bible study and I was thankful it was not my memory! <p> I have a 3 year old here who keeps changing his clothes and I find him without much on fairly often. It seems to happen in the blink of an eye, anyhow, something to work on!

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  1. Roseleona

    It sounds like an interesting time! 🙂


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