I have sort of been lazy a bit the last couple day and it has put me behind in daily activities! We had alot to do today, but it was a fun day. I am tired though…..
I watered my tiny garden this morning to start after starting a load of laundry. It was a nice day so I figured i would hang the clothes out to dry.  I am hoping that saves some on electricity!!

It is a little far away in this picture and I need to pull th weeds that are around the beds, but the green in the beds, that is all plants! I have cucumbers and zucchini in the tires, beans, radishes, spinach and lettuce and a couple peppers in the first bed and  all tomatoes and peppers in the second bed, mostly tomatoes. <p>
We needed a ladder. We had one that had something sad happen to it, so we went on a search for a ladder. I had circled several garage sales that said they had tools, hoping there might be a ladder for a decent price. It was  fun! This one sale we went to, was a Estate sale. The house was beautiful, it was an old home that had been kept up very nicely and had so much character. They had all this old furniture, neat stuff for sale there and it was so much fun to just look! There was an old wood cookstove that was in mint condition, the neatest  storage cellar down there in the basement and just so organized. I loved the house. It is right in a very busy part of town, but had 4 acres with the house which it is in an odd place for that. I just hope the person who bought sells the house to be moved if they just wanted the land. Anyhow, back the story, they had a ladder!! For $10 a sturdy wood one! We also bought two shovels for $2 each that we needed for snow in the winter (I paid $8 for a plastic one last winter!), a box of jar rings and they gave me a bunch of jelly jars. Some of the lids look like antiques so I am not sure if they will work, but there was some newer ones in there too. It was worth $3! I also got this lovely picnic set, I have always admired them in old cookbooks! it has two large thermoses and a container for sandwiches! It was in in excellent condition for $3 also!
We went on to visit some other garage sales, but that was our biggest find of the day. We did get a old fashioned tea strainer F. liked for .50 and a shirt, pair of pants for P. to grow into and a photo album (that was brand new) and a stack of blank cards for $3
I cam home then and had to get busy baking! We have a baby shower the church is giving and I had baking to do for that.
Yay! Mom is going to bake cookies!!! This is my starting picture!
(He fell down and scraped his cheek up pretty good this past week, it looks awful doesn’t it?)
Lemon Poppy Seed Bread…..I have stacks and bags of recipes and I always forget to mark the ones I tried as to which ones I liked and which ones i did not like. I did not like one of the recipes I used, although it had a lighter pound cake like texture, it was moist like it was underdone, when it was not.
the other one had less fat in it and we liked it better! F. did a taste test for me!
I made three different kinds of cookies, cranberry chip Biscotti, Cranberry orange pinwheels and thumbprint cookies. I am not really good at fancy things so my pinwheels were a little oddly shaped, but some were pretty!
After that i had to make dinner, which was broccoli soup. It earned rave reviews from everyone, except the youngest! My 6 year old said I am the best cook ever and had seconds even…..T. had applesauce and bread for dinner……not too protein filled. He asked for cheese on his applesauce so I guess a little!

After dinner, P and I hung the load of wash that was still waiting from morning on the line! The boys were all running out of clothes so I have to catch up!
<p> Anyhow, it was a productive day and I am glad we got so much done. My wonderful husband helped me by cleaning the kitchen and I showered the youngest boy after he played in the dirt alot today and needed a fresh scent! I am off to bed, but I wanted to post before tomorrow started!!
Good night!!

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  1. pbrfans1

    Wow! You got a lot done. That estate sale sounded great. I'll have to start finding out about those and check some out. Those cookies look great! Who cares if some are oval I'm sure they taste great. Can't wait to try some. =)

  2. Lilyofthevalley4

    Sounds like a busy, but good day! Enjoyed the pics. 🙂

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