A Path Towards love
By Cara Lynn James

Reviewed by Martha Artyomenko

Katherine Osburne, young, widowed, and under immense stress, has been working hard to continue her father in law’s dream of having a successful citrus orchard. When her father and one of his employee’s show up for a visit to catch up, she knows that is not the only motive they have. Her determination is strong though, and she knows what she wants this time. She wants to be a citrus owner, that lives a quiet life, without a husband.
However, if her mother has anything to do with it, she will be married before the summer is over. When her father makes a deal with her to visit the family camp on Raquette Lake, she agrees only for a time of rest.
Her rest time is turned into a nightmare with as high of pressure as a pressure cooker!! . A friend whom she has always depended on, Andrew, makes her wonder if there is such a thing as true love, which she has given up on. What pressure will she give into, the one from her parents or the one inside her heart?

Ms. James does a good job of weaving a story that speaks of some of the pressures a young widow would face, even though she is not a young girl anymore. The pressure to marry, and not only marry…she needs to marry well. When you look at it from our modern point of view, you start to wonder why she just didn’t do what she wanted to do. But the history of the time is revealed, along with parents whom believed that what they had planned was the best plan for their daughter, without realizing it was based on income standards and society’s dictates.

This book is fairly light when it comes to the romance part of it, but it does contain some reference to infidelity and alcohol abuse, so you would have to know your teen before allowing them to read it.

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