We have been waking up, not at the crack of dawn although it sure feels like it. They are redoing some of thestreets down from us which reroutes alot of traffic, but also school buses so a couple times this week, I have had middle schoolers and high schoolers shouting and talking loudly outside while waiting for the bus at 7 am. I am my mother’s daughter and greatly dislike talking loudly in the morning. <p> So, then I drag myself out of bed…(I stayed up too late last night) and took a quick shower and headed down to wake up boys for breakfast and school. I read the bible to them while they eat breakfast and then we head down to do the rest of our schoolwork. <p> We did it quickly this morning and went to the local Homeschool Kickoff. It was slightly overwhelming for me as there are Nature Journal, homeschool PE, Grammar classes, Science club and all kinds  of stuff to sign up for and I just want to stay home!!! There was lots of people saying "Hi Martha"…and I am wracking my brain trying to remember all their names!!<p> The boys loved to see all the people they knew and played for awhile and then we headed back home to fight the fight against fruit flies!! The peaches are slowly getting riper and I picked through the box and now have canned 21 qts of peaches. I also peeled a very large bowl for dinner. I am considering if I should make it into a peach crisp or eat fresh with cake and whipped cream!  The kitchen is already hot, so maybe  a cake would be good! <p> I am not sure if I am winning the battle of the fruit flies….but I will endure and win! <p>
So, we just had a break, the boys had computer time and listened to Adventures in Oddessy and the canner is waiting to boil on the stove. I still have to plan the menu for the week and I am wondering why do we have to eat now? I forget!! <p>
Just another day in the life of this person!!!

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