Isn’t he a cute little guy? We had alot of fun this weekend, spending time together.
I discovered that even when you are with him  all the time, that he still managed to get into something that
he was not supposed to. He was there, I glanced away and he was gone. One time it was Carmex in the bathroom and the other time it was glue. He thought he would fix his broken toy and instead worked on gluing some blocks together!
<p> The rest of the boys and my husband went camping  on Friday and Saturday,  so we relaxed, went to stores to find just the right candy and stuff for his friends to do at his little toddler birthday party. It was very nice! We had a cake covered in candy orange slices, gummy worms, and peach rings with rainbow sherbet. <p> He was very specific about what he wanted and he wanted a cake with lots of colors, but especially orange. It is his favorite color! He was thrilled! We played with playdough, we beuilt block towers and knocked them down and just had a great time!
<p> I cannot believe he is four already! <p>
Books I read this week:
Orchid House by Cindy Martinusen 330 pages
Just Jane by Nancy Moser 367 pages
Never marry a ranger by Roberta McDonnell 259 pages (Old book from the library, true story by a forest rangers wife)
Finding Stephanie by Susan Warren
I did not get alot of reading done, too much other stuff to do.

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