I used to be more of a morning person. Then I had children.
Children can really change you. I still love mornings, but they are not as quiet anymore.
(Growing up- hair combing was a major chore)
At the end of the day, when the work from the day winds down. You are left alone with your thoughts of what? Oh yeah, all the things you did not accomplish in the day. You reminisce not over the wonderful memories you made that day, but you instead think of all the mistakes you may have made that day.
(Happy faces when I spent time with them)
I find that the days get busy, email, phone calls, errands, school, cleaning, cooking etc. that I get so busy that I miss out on the things that matter the most.
When the house gets quiet, that is when I live in regret.
How can we live more so we can go to bed with a clear conscience?
What are ways that you combat the unrest you can feel when the busy times of the day have wind down?
If we can take the days and make the most of each moment, not allow ourselves to get dragged down in the daily routine of what must be done, and instead focus on the important things.
Take time to make memories that you won’t regret. If nothing else, they might save your kids the therapy bills they might have otherwise when they are older! = )

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  1. jonash2004

    Hey, Martha! I like your new blog. :) I really like the evenings, too. When the house is quiet, and I get time with just my husband. I let go of all my “goals”. I walk away from the unfinished stuff and simply think “Tomorrow is another day.” And I rest. :) Yay!

  2. Sandi from momys.com

    In evenings, I’m so tempted (like tonight) to waste my time. I feel like the day is finally done and I finally have the chance to do some of ‘my’ desired activities. However, what I really need to do is to tidy up the house and go to bed (because so essential to a good tomorrow). But, I avoid cleaning the house and put off going to bed! It’s my natural self.
    What helps me is to put on something for me to listen to on the the computer: a sermon, a conference recording, a radio program, or even a TV pgm I can listen to but not watch. Then I work around the house while I listen. At some point, I decide it’s time for bed (which is still unattractive to me – I’d rather stay up till wee hours), but I take a fun book to bed and read there for a few minutes till sleep is attractive to me.
    My current favorite time of day?? I’d say currently it’s early mornings, 5 or 6am, on days when I’ve had enough sleep. It’s just me and my hot drink and my breakfast, prepping well for a good day. :)

  3. Janelle (CoastieWife)

    Oh that’s so true. As soon as my children get off to bed, I think about all of the times I’ve failed them throughout the day–when I lost my temper or raised my voice. I think about how I didn’t spend enough time with one or the other. Why do we do that? I too waste a lot of time in the evening, but I just don’t feel inspired in the evening. Well, maybe I feel inspired, I just lack the ability to do anything about it! I’m not sure what my favorite time of day is…I definitely like the big *sigh* at the end of the day when everyone is in bed and it’s finally quiet, but I also love the quiet of the early morning. I just never see early mornings these days. One day, when my children are a bit older, I’ll wake up early and drink my coffee outside while I read my bible…that will be my favorite time of day then. For now, I’ll have to say early evenings when all the work of the day is close to done and our family is together and the sun is still bright. I love that time of day.

  4. Victoria

    Beautiful reminders!

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