The next couple weeks are going to be a whirlwind of activity! I hope to be able to post some while I am gone too, I have some book reviews lined up and hopefully I can get the dates all right!  i have a to-do list that is so long, I am not sure i can do it all, especially when my feeling is to curl up and ignore it all! Do you think that will work? <p>
I have been struggling alot lately with so many pressures on me and trying to just stay sane and I am wondering if I am trying too much. I don’t know really, but I really hope sometime this summer to be able to not have to be rushing, because at this point it does not look that way at all. We had a really nice little trip over to the state’s capital and were able to have a nice time. I took a bunch of pictures that hopefully I will a get a minute to post some! My boys love historical stuff! It is funny to me, as it shows how your children pick up on things you are excited about. They also got to swim for several hours which was fun for them and eat at McDonald’s which is also something we do not usually do!
<p> Anyhow, life is full of twists and surprises and I am determined to enjoy this and not to let it get to me, or I will try my hardest! 
I am off to clean a laundry room and hopefully sew some curtains for my  new bedroom windows so we do not have sheets hanging up as it looks trashy to me and   I want them off, right now!! F. is working on the trim around the windows right now and hopefully be painting in there while I am gone and touching up some of the other places in the house. I am just making plain white muslin curtains and hopefully use ribbon tie backs or just leave them hang, we will see.
The laundry room is a little overwhelming as the boys like to stuff things in the corners and I am never sure of what I will find! Thankfully  it is not too bad! <p>

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