Are you enough? 

What is enough? 

Today, all over I saw people saying, speaking and sharing the idea that because one person was focusing on one wrong, it meant that they were neglecting other wrongs that needed to be addressed.

It made me ask.  What is enough? What truly means we are doing enough?


There are times it seems we look into the wide expanse of the universe and the enormity of it is overwhelming. It seems that as far as the eye can see there is something that needs to change, someone that needs support and some item that there is never enough of.

Are we enough?

Can we change lives from our small corner of the universe?

I like to think we can.


It might mean that while we cannot impact everyone, we may take one small smiling face and impact them to make change later.

It might mean having tea with a friend when they are having a bad day, to impact our corner, so they have strength to do their daily tasks, raise their children whom are growing up to impact their corner of the world.

It also may mean for you, that you are involved in politics. You may be a foster parent. You may adopt. You may support those in abusive situations. You may go to court rooms with those that need support. You may be a counselor that lends a listening ear.

You may write books, articles or report on news in the media.

Whatever you are doing, don’t ask yourself if you are enough. Ask yourself what you are doing to impact your corner of the world.

When you see the answer, ask if you can do more. If the answer is no, realize you are enough. Do we need to push ourselves a bit more? We are still enough if we are listening to that inner call.


Let us stop telling everyone that they are not enough when they seek to impact their corner. We can all grow, change and work to be more impactful individuals. But in the end, the way we act towards others often is the greatest impact we can share.

Instead, let us seek to encourage them in their impactful journey each step of the way!

When they seek to go in one direction and you are following another, know that this is how those with different visions make up the universe and give us each our uniqueness.

We are enough. We can have an impact from the smallest corner to the broadest audience.


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