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As I read through this book, I felt the pain of a person that survived sexual abuse in a way like no other book has touched me. This book is not filled with graphic descriptions of abuse. It is not about a story of someone you struggle to relate to.
This is the story of a little girl that grew to be a woman, and led an army to challenge an abuser. In doing so, so gave hope to millions of people, I would say. She gave hope that while there are so many people that will hear a story of abuse, attack it, reject it or downplay what happened to you, it is worth speaking out. The pain is worth it if it saves one other little girl. How much is a little girl worth? She is worth everything.
The quote from one of the women that testified in court was stated in this book, and it stuck with me. “Perhaps you have figured it out by now. Little girls don’t stay little forever. They grow into strong women that return to destroy your world.”

This woman writing the story enabled many, many women to testify against their abuser. I believe this story will continue to inspire many more to speak out against abuse in every way. We are not seeking revenge, but justice and safety for every child.

Some readers might be afraid that if they read this book, they may be triggered by the topic. I would say that the triggers you will have from this book might be hard, but worth it in the end as I believe they will empower you. They will show you that sometimes people that are victimized, get justice. It is worth it in the hard times to push through, even when it seems like no one is listening. In the end, even if one person, namely, yourself, knows you are of value, it is worth it.

I obtained this book from the publisher. All the opinions and thoughts contained herein are my own.


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“What is a Girl Worth” 

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