Well, the picture is dark, my camera needs new batteries so I couldn't fix it, but you can sort of see the new curtains I got today and hung up in the boys room. (Which is clean now, by the way!! How long it will stay that way, I am not sure!) The toys have been sorted and put away and some in boxes high on a shelf. Blankets were folded and extra pillows and blankets are up on the top bunk.
I have very little storage space here so we have to store things in our rooms.
I had shades awhile back on the boys room window, but they were broken because of pulling on the strings and I always got nervous about it anyway. Today I bought new curtain rods and 2 flat sheets and hung them up in the window. They will be nice so that people cannot see in at night anymore. Their window faces the street, so it is needed.

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