I was raised with alot of girls! As the oldest of 11 and 7 of them being girls, we were for sure the majority. Two of the 4 boys were born after I left home which made it even less Iw as around boys.

So, when God blessed me with 4 of them, each about 2 years apart…I had alot to learn! It is a different world, but one I wish I could share with you. Maybe I can give you a little peek!

#1 The first flower they pick for you- It still makes me feel mushy and gushy inside. Maybe you are not a mushy, gushy person, but this will choke you up when you little man who can barely walk hands you the nearest dandelion!

#2 You have had a long day, the energy levels have been high and everyone has been hungry all day, then a little guy snuggles up close to you when you get a chance to sit down and says “Mom, you are the best mom in the whole world!” It makes it all worth it! Everything!

#3 When you sit at the table and everyone wants to sit by you…..like you are a celebrity or something. All of sudden you know it is worth cooking dinner just for that.

#4 When they say “I love you” for the first time! Anthony said it the other day. It just makes you laugh and maybe cry at the same time. They crunch up their little baby faces and say “I wuv you!” and you want to kiss the life out of them!

#5 The strong man aspect!
They love to show their muscles, opening the door, lifting something for you, taking care of you! Mine are all small, but oh, they like to take care of me here at home.

#6 The energy levels.
They can run until they are so tired they cannot move, sit for a bit and then get up and have at it again! But then the amazing thing is when all of them are curled up on the couch with a box of books to look at and it is like they are not even here! How can there be such a difference? or they can have a hard time in stores sometimes, remembering to be quiet etc. but take the oldest three to a bookstore? Peace and tranquility are yours, my friend!

#7 Getting to use the imagination God gave you to come up with things for them to do that are on the edge enough, without being dangerous!

All the different aspect of parenting boys versus girls can't prepare you for the joy of having a boy! Of course, I remember when my son was a couple weeks old and I went to visit a family for the first time. I had just met them and she graciously offered her bedroom for me to change the baby and nurse in. I was horrified when I went to change his diaper and you guessed it…I forgot to use the washcloth! The arch went on the kind ladies bedspread! I was so embarrassed! Needless to say it did not ruin our friendship, we are great friends still and she was so kind and matter of fact about it! Boys do that and blankets wash, was her words! She had all girls also, so that was even a bigger step!

I remember too when I discovered the “arch” in the spray is a good thing when a friends little baby boy passed away. There was no signs of kidney problems except that his “arch” did not arch, he dribbled and backed up into his system. So, remember that is a blessing in disguise! Your baby is healthy!

“I am flying, Mama” All the bumps and bruises I deal with with the boys, I wonder sometimes if they are going to make it. The one thing I noticed especially, is they often do not remember how they got it!

So those of you who have boys or are having boys, I am sure you have your own list, but just remember, boys are a special blessing, just like girls are. These are the leaders of future families and our country. We are training the men of the future everyday with the way we talk to them, about them, or around them. I have to remind myself of this and make sure that I am being the best example I can be.

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  1. drewsfamilytx

    I couldn’t have said it better myself, Martha!!!

    I am one of five children– 4 girls and 1 boy. I was VERY intimidated at the thought of having a boy– but now that I have 3, I wouldn’t have it any other way! I’m not a princessy type of girl, but my boys sure know how to make me feel like a queen! 🙂 (when I’m not picking up after them and cleaning the mud tracks off the floor and such).


  2. Anonymous

    Thanks Martha, for posting that. I am looking forward to the adventure a little boy will bring. Also, I got one of the books off your list. The Prize Winner of Defience, Ohio, from the library. I am enjoying it very much.

  3. Anonymous

    Thanks Martha, for posting that. I am looking forward to the adventure a little boy will bring. Also, I got one of the books off your list. The Prize Winner of Defience, Ohio, from the library. I am enjoying it very much. ~Diana

  4. Martha

    I hope you enjoy that book and your little boy……

  5. Lilyofthevalley4

    Martha, you worded that so well! It brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Anonymous

    hi martha, just ketching up on you. havent been blogging as much as i was and i miss it. elmer is glad cuz he thinks i was getting addicted. smile. not so. just allot to do. love and later. grace.

  7. cappuccinosmom

    I love having boys too.

    They are so fun and interesting!

  8. knitteralaska

    Boys are great! Now,
    You have been tagged!!!
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    What is the name of your homeschool?

    How did you come up with that name?

    Look to the left of your computer monitor. What is there?

    Where do you keep you unmatched socks?

    What habit are you trying to break?

    What were you doing just before you got online?

    Now…. YOU ARE IT!! Go tag 5 people.

    And… Enjoy!!

  9. shaffersathome

    I was a little daunted by the thought of having boys. Now, having had three for some time now, I agree totally about the joys of a house full of “men”. Do you want to know what I’m (not so) secretly looking forward to? Having them reach their teen years! The thought of three tall young men moving through our home complete with adult voices and individual personalities, cooking food, making coffee, hunting through the pantry, and the like. Can you just imagine!?

  10. Martha

    It is hard to imagine sometimes! Sometimes I look at them and try to imagine, what will they be like as men?

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