Reviewed by Martha Artyomenko


About the Book:

Allison Moore is making it. Barely. The Seattle architecture firm she started with her best friend is struggling, but at least they’re free from the games played by the corporate world. She’s gotten over her divorce. And while her dad’s recent passing is tough, their relationship had never been easy.

Then the bomb drops. Her dad was living a secret life and left her mom in massive debt.

As Allison scrambles to help her mom find a way out, she’s given a journal, anonymously, during a visit to her favorite coffee shop. The pressure to rescue her mom mounts, and Allison pours her fears and heartache into the journal.

But then the unexplainable happens. The words in the journal, her words, begin to disappear. And new ones fill the empty spaces—words that force her to look at everything she knows about herself in a new light.

Ignoring those words could cost her everything . . . but so could embracing them.

My Review:

Do you ever read a book and stop to wonder if it was written just for  you (but you know it wasn’t)?

I can’t count many times I did that with this book. I was sitting there, absorbing the story and thinking about how real and just amazingly deep this story was.

You have several characters in the book, the sibling pair along with their mother. I hardly have words to describe it, other than this story brings to life how sometimes totally confusing life can be, when you think you are doing the right thing and maybe you are, yet things are just going worse and worse.

Do you get down to the nitty gritty and just write/talk or look to God for the true guidance in your life?

I just went through a tough year, and it is not likely to get easier. But reading books like this with deep spiritual encouragement, along with just the love of God seeping through every page really just brightened my whole life. I was refreshed and ready to keep going. I am thankful to authors that take the time to create stories that inspire.

It is so hard for me to stand up for myself, and when you know you can lose everything if you do? Wow. It is even harder. I related so much to Allison and wanted to just be her best friend when I was done.

I highly recommend this book.


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  1. Best In Suspense

    Great review! I thought the same thing. This novel had several points that hit so close to home.

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