Reviewed by Martha Artyomenko


The Lady Fugitive
Book Description: 

How does a respected elocutionist become a face on a wanted poster?
Jenny Louise Parks escapes from the coal bin and her abusive uncle offers a handsome reward for her return. Because he is a judge, he will find her.
Determination to remain free grips Jenny, especially after she meets William and there’s a hint of romance. But while peddling household goods and showing a Passion of the Christ moving picture, he discovers his father’s brutal murder.
Will Jenny avoid the bounty hunters? Can she forgive the person who turns her in? Will she find peace, joy and love?

My Review:

This book has a lot going on throughout the pages. Jenny is trapped in a home with an abusive uncle, whom is determined to keep her there until he inherits everything she owns. Through many means, her uncle seems to be all powerful, but Jenny manages to evade him without much money, traveling as a boy, and through many circumstances seem to land on her feet time after time, with even a handsome peddler on the wings.

I wanted to like this book more than I did. I felt like there were a lot of ironic circumstances, happenstance and coincidences throughout. But if you like western romance, with a bit of a mystery, this one is a good one for you to try.


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