By Tracey Bateman

Reviewed by Martha Artyomenko

6 months after a set of brutal murders shook the small town , the house is up for sale  along with the whole estate of one of the victims. Lauryn is glad to immerse herself in the work of cataloging the items and getting them ready for auction instead of watching Alzheimer’s steal her father’s life and memories at home.

Amede Dastillion gets a package of letters from Abbey Hills, which sends her to visit and hoping against hope to find her sister who has been missing, and presumed dead.

The town is consumed by darkness and mystery, along with unusual guests whom seem to have more to them than you think.

My Review:

I am just going to say that I did not realize this book had anything to do with vampires or speaking of them as when I read the back cover, there is nothing at all about them on there. So, fair warning…..even though this book is by a Christian author, whom I really love her writing, this subject matter was not my cup of tea. I have a phobia about anything concerning vampires. I did read the entire book. It is well written and would be a great alternative book to give to someone who is into the whole Twilight scene as  there is very minor mention of God, but nothing preachy at all.

So, as far as my tastes, it was not a good book for me, but if those are your interests, it was good.

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