There is some sunshine today, so maybe we are meant to be outside today! <p> I ended up after MOPS on Monday going to my mom’s so i could get my teeth cleaned. It is only $5 up there and it was a nice dentist office, if you like dentists, which I don’t. However, I survived a cleaning, it was painful as it has been way too long since I went to the dentist. For x-rays, exam and cleaning, I paid $15, plus gas to drive there, but I would have wanted to go anyhow  to see mom. <p> While I was there, being very torn about injections for the children, but knowing that there they would give me the DT shot, without the P- plus they know me and everything about me, so  I will just stick with the one nurse to deal with. After my youngest cut his eye, then P. stepped on a needle, so I wanted to make sure everyone was up to date on that one at least! I am a partial vaccination person,  and  just act like I know what I am talking about when I talk to them and so far no one has even given me an ounce of trouble. Anyhow, they all had sore arms yesterday and were fussing all the way home. <p> I am doing well on my grocery challenge. I challenged myself to spend under a certain amount and so far, we are doing it. <p> Last night when I got home, I fixed chicken enchiladas with stuff I had in the cupboard. We did not have any enchilada sauce, but I made some and then used leftover chicken, some cheese and corn tortillas to make a pan with enough for 2 meals. Dinner is already made for tonight, although i may make some rice to go with it! It was really cheap, although I have not figured out how much.
<p> I have been  going through alot of emotional turmoil the last couple weeks,  I realized it when I was reading that book by Karen Kingsbury
It made me realize how I fight against my sad emotions at all, because I am worried if I sit and think about them, I will  break down and not be able to recover. I do not want this to turn into a hardness though, so I am a little concerned about it. Anyhow, maybe I should be reading books that make me cry more often, if I cannot cry about myself, maybe I can cry for others.

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  1. Carolyn Wiebe

    Actually, funny that you should mention the Christmas songs. If Australia is like NZ, they sing 'em anyway! When we were there we were part of a Christmas musical and here we were singing about frosty winter air and sleigh rides in our tank tops and shorts, just sweating and tanking down the water! 🙂 Very funny.

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