As I made a wild dash for the bank this afternoon you are trying to get through the streets where there is a plowed lane just big enough for my car on the side streets and in some areas you had to work up speed to just get through, but not too much or you may slide into a parked car. <p> We spent the day examining the roof to see if it is strong enough to withstand the weight of all the snow and may have to shovel the garage if anymore comes our way, which it sounds like may be tomorrow. I guess, yesterday there was a roof that collapsed already.

F. was out shoveling and shoveling the huge pile the snow plow piled behind our van, when a man coming by saw him and stopped. He had a plow on the front of his truck and  in a few minutes had it pushed out of the way for us!  It was  so nice!  it is amazing how thoughtful things like that can really brighten someone’s day.
<p> H. is finally going to get home today as my mom brought him down. He has been stuck at my parents for a week! We all miss him very badly!
<p> My mom bought me a new bookshelf at this furniture store that was going out of business and it is all solid wood and very tall, like 7 feet tall.  I am sure it will not take me long before that  one is full too! i was running out of bookshelves and I have an entire wall in my office covered in them! But now, i have more space and was able to put all the books I got for my birthday,  gifts, and ones I won on blog giveaway’s on there so I can read them! <p> Tonight we were supposed to have stuffed shells or Lasagna, but ricotta was too expensive at the store! They wanted $6 for a container!! So, we will have pasta instead or pizza if I feel like it. i really wanted Lasagna too. Oh well! Maybe next week!

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  1. Anonymous

    Couldn't you use cottage cheese & mozzarella in place of ricotta? I use that in my lasagna.
    Kristy in KY from PW

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