This morning  i went to MOPS and we had a great speaker Tricia Goyer
She is a published author of great historical fiction and non-fiction, (the book I wrote about a couple days ago). She was talking about parenting and time. <p>She had a chart where we wrote out the things we do in our home, work and for our spouse and children and self. Then we separated it into things that we have to do (like shower, feed children change diapers etc.) then things that are good to have done, but no one dies if they are not done (laundry, wash floors etc.)  then Outside activities that are good to do (like shopping for food, church etc) then  things that don’t fit into those other three. She said if you are too stressed, then you need to just cross off the fourth one. <p> The problem for me is the things that you can get rid of are the things that help me alleviate the stress…! But I loved the point then she was making! She had a target and said  to write in the bulls-eye what you want your children for sure to know before they leave home. Then next circle, less important, but still important. Outer circle, stuff that if they leave before they know, it is not going to hurt them. Then aim towards the things in life that will help you to teach those  goals you have in the bulls-eye! <p> She said something that struck me, about how we rush around and are stepping over stuff and hurrying them for this and that, and think tomorrow it will be  different and that will be their good memories.  What we do everyday, is their memories, so make it count. <p> She writes some of the best historical fiction I have ever read, so if you like a true to life fiction that really grips you, read her book Dust and Ashes or Night Song. They are a little sad, so be prepared, but they have happy things also.  <p> So, after MOPS we went to the dentist with  all 4 boys,  only one had a couple of tiny cavities, the rest are doing great, so that is good! Reminds me to keep up with brushing their teeth! <p> I just was on the phone paying bills and trying to figure out why a credit was not issued to a card when I returned stuff! Fun…..Still did not get to the bottom of that! But the electric and phone bill are paid! <p> I found out it was cost someone almost $70 to come to the house to put the drain hose in my washer. My husband thinks he will try!
Whenever I look at stuff to cut out of my life, it never seems like the stuff that would be nice if it were gone is an option to cut out.  My grandmother says she is leaving/moving away again,  so after a month, it will really help with stress levels.  We split the work between 4 of us and it is alot of work still. My aunt is going to try all alone, pretty much. Grandma is having surgery though this coming week, I think, on the hole in her foot. It has gotten really gross, but  you know, it is a blessing to be able to care for her and be around her. We never really got to do that growing up, so it has been great.  We will miss her alot though! I realized though, alot of the stuff I have to do is because I homeschool, although people tell me even when they are in school you run alot also. <p>
F. is trying to get shelves up in the storage shed finally! Then we can get everything back into it. He painted the trim on Saturday and now we still have garbage to get rid of. We have no truck so it is hard to figure out how to get rid of it, but I guess the landlords will take it, but they may charge us for it, but at this point I am tired of it here. We are going to get everything in the yard all cleaned up and put away for fall/winter. It is gotten cold! We turned on the heater today as I couldn’t take it anymore! I usually try to wait for Oct! <p> Well, I got books to read and I need to figure out how to fix the soup I made for lunch or make something else!

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  1. ejoyce,ink

    I just logged off Tricia's blog over at, came over to HSB, and yours was one of the first posts that caught my eye…talking about her. I like the bull's eye theory….lotta wisdom there!

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