There has been a lot of things going on this past week or so…..and I  had taken a few pictures!! It has been warm out, which means there is alot of dirt and mud it seems like!
If you can see in this picture, there are peanut butter smears, jelly, mud etc on the floor! it looks like we never wash it, when it fact it has been mopped several times this past week and spot cleaned every day!!
We hatched a butterfly!!! We did not kill the larvae, we actually did the science project like we were supposed to!
Not the best picture, but how are we supposed to photograph a butterfly, inside, sitting on a cardboard box!!!
Our Bunny- Snickers- has been enjoying the green grass and more lettuce ends as well! We try to let him out to hop around, but after a bit  of being chased around by little men,  I think he prefers his cage!!!
I actually grew Tulips this year! I feel quite proud as I always have planted and never had them come up!!!
The dandilions also have been prolific as you can see!!!

We have been spending alot of time outside and some walking, going to the park to do our schoolwork while the little ones played, especially this past week as we had 4 new windows put in my bedroom!!!
It was a major job with part of the siding having to come off, but I think I will be thankful later!

The old wooden windows I was talking to a friend about trying to build   small hot houses with them, but we will see!
<p> Anyhow, nothing too exciting, a bit stressful lately, I have been trying to read alot of books, not getting too many read aloud, although I am working on one for the boys!!  You can check out some of the book reviews if you like,  I have more to post, but will not overwhelm you at once!!
We are traveling to the State capital this week for my husband to renew his green card and we should have fun and I will try to take lots of pictures!!  We get to stay overnight in a motel, which should be fun! It has been awhile!

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