(My camera was still fuzzy here when my sister used it…..I guess John (my sister’s boyfriend) was sad about something though!! Not that the pie was gone as he did not like pie, vegetables and many other thanksgiving foods)

I did not plan a  menu this week and have sort of been drifting along…….it has worked out! So far, this last week was consumed by helping family out so we just  added stuff to their meals. On Saturday  I used the turkey broth and a couple of heads of cauliflower I got and with some broccoli my sister had, leftover canned evaporated milk, we had some yummy cream of cauliflower/broccoli soup.  We served with a mishmash of leftover stuff like bread and rolls and pie.
Yesterday, we ate more leftovers and today, we probably will as well with a twist on them!!!
<p> I did make some yummy whole wheat banana chocolate chip muffins!  I had gotten some free bananas and I thought they were really ripe, but they were not brown or anything when I opened them!!! They made good snacks and breakfast, along with orange slices and hot fresh pressed apple cider.
<p> I read Mountain of Spices today by Hannah Hurnard. It was one of my favorite books when I started reading again back when I was pregnant with H. I got different things out of it now than I did then. I love the poetry in there though!!! <p> Just for fun,
Do you have any favorite different spins you put on leftovers?

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  1. Anonymous

    The 3 options I usually have for leftovers are: 1 – reheat them and have again; 2 – freeze them to use in a soup; or, 3 – throw them on the compost pile and let the chickens eat them. One way or another, everything gets used up. Recently, we had soup that was almost entirely made with leftovers – rice, steak chopped into stew meat, veggies, etc.


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