I told a friend yesterday I would watch her two toddlers today while she had a doctor’s appt, so then this morning another friend called and her babysitter was sick so she asked if I could watch her toddler as well! It was a busy morning!  If they went upstairs, I ran after them and then they would go downstairs! It went well though! I need more exercise, right?

Snack time! Milk and toast…..this is probably at 10 am

Lunch time…..12 pm. Peanut butter sandwich, yogurt and a couple of them shared an orange
I think they are all ready for a snack again now! It is 2 pm……
We are out of bread, so time to make some!
I think we will have to have something really meaty for dinner!

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  1. momtogirls5

    As a mother and homeschooler, there are time I feel I'm ALWAYS in the kitchen! Looks as if you had one the thoses days too. You have a new kitchen to be in so that will be fun for a while!

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