I mentioned the bears that my parents were having trouble with. Well, I guess it is a problem throughout most of the western states. I was reading a  news link on yahoo about it. It said they have been coming into grocery stores, one broke into a daycare……<p> I guess my mom was blessed!  This article
has a picture of  the  bear that was stuck in the tree outside her birth center in the middle of town for 18 hours.  It was scared they said! Hey, at least mom got some free advertising! <p> It is weird though slightly to me, I know we had hot summers before, but the animals and insects like the bees have been acting strangely. It makes me wonder,  I remember when we listened to the Long Winter by Laura Ingalls, how the animals acted weird before the strange winter. It would be fun to get alot of snow though!

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  1. rellamom

    I don't know how I'd feel if we lived by bears! It must take quite a bit of trust in God…
    Come and visit our blog (my sister Kate and I share one). Do you mind if we add you to our friends list? I have seen your blog quite a few times, but never actually got to read any of it.


  2. cherryblossom

    I saw your blog through Kate and Rose's (rellamom) and thought I'd stop by. I love all kinds of animals and that story of the bear is fascinating! They are so inquisitive those bears. Wow.

    Anyway, My name is Julia and I hope you don't mind me adding you to my friends list!


  3. mommyto7

    Hi…Just letting you know I blogged about TEACH magazine today. Have a great day! ~Holly

  4. drewsfamilytx

    A daycare?! Scary!

    It would be interesting to see how the winter pans out though…

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