I worry so badly somedays over nothing!

This morning I woke up to Michael asking me what he could subsitute for evaporated milk (He is in Pennsylvania)
I was full of things to do so started out figureing out what I had to start with. We cleaned the house, then got some plastic cups, paper plates and cookies at Wal-Mart (It has too hot to bake) for the Usborne book Party.
Then the boys and I took a walk over to the neighbors. She was digging up a bunch of lilies out of her flower bed…so I got some lilies for mine. I am so thrilled! They are beautiful. I think I will go back tomorrow in the van and see if I can get a bunch for here!

The party went well although I wish I could some more orders. I really do not know how to, but I am going to try. They have some really nice books.

I am reading this book called Homeschooling: Take a deep breath you can do it!

You should see how disorganized my office is and you would not wonder why I doubt myself homeschooling But the rest of the house is doing pretty good! That is a blessing!

I have a tough letter to write and I am not exactly sure how to do it. Sometimes I really wish that Fred was able to help me with this stuff. Some days I wish it so bad, I cry and cry and it hurts, you know. It hurts because the people who do not understand what it is like to wish so badly your husband would say “Let's buy that!” and I could trust him that he has thought it through and trust in his decision. Instead here I am required to make decisions about money, spending plans, budgets and everything. I have to figure out where the rent is going to paid from, if we can buy ice cream or if this week we better stick to bare essentials. I cry because it was meant to be split between 2 people.

But, you know in all of this, God has given me grace. I can be my husband's helpmeet! He is the most wonderful man! He loves the boys so much and is very good looking in my opinion!

Today it was fun as we were having a little water fight- it was so hot! He was running and I had the bucket and was tossing cups of water on all of us to cool off! The boys had not experienced this yet so I gave them some water to throw on me and papa! Well, good night! I need to go to bed! As long as baby is going to allow me! P style=”margin: 0px;”>

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