Since I got home late on Wednesday, I ended up going shopping and our menu has been a bit screwed up! Plus, the boys and F. have been going to work in the evenings at my sister’s house. F. is insulating their house and the boys have been doing construction cleanup. It is really good for them to learn how to work……
Anyhow, dinner has been interesting!!!

Thursday: Fried potatoes……I think some had some eggs
Friday: Chili in the crockpot. It was an interesting chili as I had a small steak, some chunks of chicken, a can of salsa and some other stuff I dumped in along with a bag of frozen beans. It was good though!!There was a chili feed for church, but it was raining and the boys had to go work, so I did not want to go.
Saturday: Baked chicken legs, broccoli
Sunday: Leftover chicken legs, salad and sandwiches, popcorn and muffins…..
Monday: Leftover night- I did not have many leftovers, so she made black eyed peas (which were so good) and cornbread and I brought Pumpkin Cranberry  muffins with crumb topping and cheese and hot sauce with sour cream. It was yummy!
Tuesday: Baked chicken legs, mashed potatoes, applesauce and salad…and let’s see if I can get this made! I have a bunch of organizing, cleaning and de-cluttering to do.

We will see what next week holds!!!

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