Love Comes Calling
By Siri Mitchell
Reviewed by Martha Artyomenko
A girl with the best of intentions.
A heart set on Hollywood.
An empty pocketbook.
That’s all it takes for Ellis Eton to find herself working as a telephone operator for a look-alike friend. For Ellis, this job will provide not only acting practice but the funds to get her a start in the movies. She’s tired of always being a disappointment to her traditional Boston family, and though she can’t deny the way he makes her head spin, she knows she’s not good enough for Griffin Phillips, either. It’s simple: avoid Griff’s attentions, work, and get paid. But in typical Ellis fashion, her simple plan spirals out of control when she overhears a menacing phone call…with her very own Griff as the target.
With an endearing heroine as her lead, Siri Mitchell takes readers on a madcap tale
of love and discovering one’s true desires!
My Review:
Ellis Eton is all over the page in this book. You realize right off the bat that there is nothing ordinary about her! She flits from one thing to the next, despite her family’s disappointment and her desire to be a film star.
As a person that is driven by duty and desire to accomplish tasks, I struggled to relate to her at first. However, the historical story set in the 1930’s, the telephone operator’s tasks and the issues dealing with the prohibition intrigued me. When I read that the author wanted you to feel what someone would have faced at that time period with ADD or ADHD, it really caught my attention.
I didn’t find this book as descriptive in the historical sense as some of Ms. Mitchell’s, but more a very enjoyable story that was a little lighter than some of her subject matter. As always she touches on a topic not discussed as often, with learning disabilities being looked down upon as laziness or stupidity before recent times. I found Ellis a little frustrating because of her inability to concentrate. It seemed that it jumped all over, but I had to keep reminding myself that it was on purpose. It really got the point across about how difficult it would have been.
This book was given to me for review by Bethany House Publishers and the thoughts contained therein are my own!-Martha

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  1. Cyndi Wilson

    Reading it now. Am enjoying it but I agree with the difficulty at times in reading it with the way Ellis jumps all over. It kinda reminds me of “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” :-) She’s very likable, though!

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